Salut, tout le monde!

I had hoped that my first blog post would be a bit more…substantial.  However, I have an impatient best friend (Elizabeth, I’m looking at you, in case you were unaware) who has requested- nay, demanded– that I post something.

Luckily, I can kill two birds with one stone and post not only something, but an introduction.  Smart, yes?  I thought so.

So hi, I’m Virginia.  (Everyone say hi, Virginia!)  And this is my humble home on the internet, my blog.  Two points for common sense, obviously.  There is no unifying theme behind this blog other than whatever happens to be on my mind whenever I decide to post, whether it be social commentary, lists (yes, Joey, lists!), or just random ramblings of a small town girl in the big city.  So stick around, kick up your feet, and let me know what you think!  I’m always up for a good intellectual debate (or just idle chatter).


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