Just call me Martha Stewart

I am a neglectful blogger.

This is one of the times I’m thankful this site has a grand total of five people following along… you all recognize my scatterbrained tendencies and love me anyway. Right? Right.

I keep meaning to update, I really do. However, my good intentions of updating usually fall to the wayside by the time I get home from the work. Then it’s off to the gym, time for dinner and a shower, and then whatever grad school work has to be done right then and there.

Oh, and if it’s a Thursday night, then I have to watch The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. Hey, don’t roll your eyes. There are worse shows to be addicted to (Jersey Shore, anyone?).

Anyway, again, I am resolving to update this blog more. The people want to hear me ROAR!


There are a ton of things I want to write about—the delicious chicken taquitos I made for Cinco de Mayo, for example, or my upcoming trip to Charleston, South Carolina for Memorial Day weekend (definitely a step up from last year’s shenanigans in Ocean City, Maryland). All in good time, though. See? It’s more of an incentive to blog more often!

So, I’ll keep this simple: What did I do this weekend?

This weekend, I…

Did yard work.

That’s it. That’s the exciting reveal. I acted like a risqué and naughty twenty-three year old and pulled weeds, raked, and pruned within an inch of my life. The highlight of the weekend? A Saturday trip out to the Lowe’s in Alexandria.

That’s me. Twenty-three going on forty.

It was good to get all the weeds pulled, the holly bushes pruned, the ivy pulled away from the fence (our neighbors grow ivy in their back yard, and I swear, it is EVERYWHERE! I’m going to have nightmares about it), mulch laid down, the parking area cleaned off, and weed killer purchased. I also discovered a small batch of poison ivy in a shady corner—I didn’t even know that stuff grew in D.C.

See? I learned something this weekend! (Mom, stop laughing at the idea of me doing yardwork. I can hear you, and it’s not very nice).

Anyway, I feel all accomplished. I also feel like I want to bathe in IcyHot.

This is how we like to enjoy the backyard: in the hammock, with Olive hanging all over whoever's closest.

How was y’all’s weekend?


One thought on “Just call me Martha Stewart

  1. I LOVE CHARLESTON. Wish I was going with you. It’s been far too long since I visited that city. Like since I was around your age long. LONG. (By the way, there’s nothing wrong with pushing 40. Hmpf.)

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