The times, they are a’changin

So, the three regular visitors to my blog might notice a few things are different around here. What the what? There’s a new layout… a new tagline… and oh, wait, a new blog name?

In a word: yes.

I’m an irregular blogger on the best of days. On the worst of days, I simply forget I have a blog until I “rediscover” it two months later. This is not a new phenomenon; it’s one I’ve mentioned several times over the past year or so that Southern Sensibility has been in existence.

What I don’t talk about often is that I’ve gone through a bit of an identity crisis with my blog. My day-to-day thoughts don’t have enough cohesion to form a rough theme. I’ve nothing around which to build a strong blog!

Do I want to run a food blog? No, for two reasons. #1 – Food blogging requires being a halfway decent photographer. I am not. #2 – I’d want to eat everything I cooked… and I’d want to cook really decadent things. Not good for my wallet or my waistline.

What about a travel blog? As much as I love traveling, my current budget doesn’t allow me to do a lot of it. If that improves and I’m able to start going abroad more, I’ll likely write more about my love of passport stamping.

Okay… maybe a fashion blog? Pffffft, I’ll leave that to the professionals like Capitol Hill Style. My ‘sense’ of fashion runs gamut to “That’s cute… bet it doesn’t come in my size.

Needless to say, I’ve discarded a lot of ideas over the past few months. I knew I wanted to revitalize this space, but I didn’t know what to do. However, I finally had an idea and acted on it.

Welcome to…

The Virginia Diaries

My friend Elle said it reminded her both of The Vampire Diaries and the Vampire Academy book series. Hey, great! I love both those things. 😀

The new tagline — Politics, pop culture, and words of wisdom – or something like that — sums up nicely what I’m going to be doing here. As I work at blogging on a regular basis, I’m hoping to bring in recurring themes for weekly posts. A lot of blogs I follow do weekly posts on certain subjects, so let’s just say I’m emulating them. In fact, I’ve already got a few ideas:

Overheard at Happy Hour — D.C. is a town that is centered around social drinking. We work hard. People want to blow off steam after work with a couple of drinks with their friends. Naturally, you hear a lot of funny things. Look for anecdotes from HH’s to come (and if you’re worried your name might show up here, don’t. Names will be changed to protect the guilty involved parties).

The Beauty Box — For whatever reason, I have turned into a complete beauty bug over the past six months. I do not know why. Maybe it’s living with someone who works in the industry. Maybe it’s my documented addition to nail polish, or my new Birchbox subscription. But I love sharing! So I’ll totally share my love with y’all. 😀

Pop Culture Princess — I love books, movies, television, and music. I will want to talk about my loves. Get ready.

I’m sure there will be a few more additions as I get going, but I can definitely foresee those three becoming regular staples of this blog.

I’ve also created a new Twitter account! You can follow along here: @TheVADiaries.

So, thank you for sticking with me as I iron out the kinks and try to figure out my life. New posts will start later this week!


One thought on “The times, they are a’changin

  1. Hey you’re doing good, every great article has a starting place. LOL Hope you’re haveing a good time in the big city. Its hot and dry, dry , dry here.

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