Single in the City: Gym edition

Alright ladies, confession time. Who among us has scoured some beauty and/or self-help magazine, looking for tips on how to meet men?

The answer: all of us. And if you say you haven’t, you’re not being entirely truthful. It’s okay, we’re all among friends here.

Last week, I was reading an article on Refinery 29 called We Found Love: 12 D.C. Spots for Meeting Your Future Soulmate. I don’t really put stock in articles like this, but it was an interesting read. And Refinery 29 has pretty good taste in places to try in D.C.

HOWEVER. It made me think back to a similar article in Cosmo — I can’t remember how long ago it was, but they recycle their stories so much it’s probably been in there several times. You know where one of their favorite places to meet men was?

The gym.

You had me at, “Do you need a spotter?”

Are they serious? Do these people even go to the gym?

I’m sorry, but whenever I finish a workout, I’m usually so sweaty it looks like I jumped in the shower fully clothed. My hair is a stringy mess, my shirt is drenched, and I’m chugging water like a fish. Let’s just say my whole vibe does not scream, “Attention all single men, I have arrived!”

Rather, it screams: “Give me an oxygen tank and some Gatorade!”

You know, I think it’s perfectly possible to meet men at the gym. Do I think it’s possible to intrigue them enough for them to ask me on a date – or at the very least, ask for my phone number?

Oh, hells no.

This has happened to me twice this week. TWICE. In one week. Really, universe? Thanks for that. And both times, I looked like something the cat dragged in (through a thunderstorm of sweat). Why can’t I meet nice, attractive guys when I’m wearing something other than gym clothes? Is that too much to ask for?

Yes? Okay. I won’t even bother asking for all that and a good hair day, too.

So, sound off! What do you think about meeting potential dates at the gym? Is there a certain place you have had luck with (coffee shop, book store, alumni meeting)?

If so, please tell me. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get!


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