An Olympic Moment

Real talk: I love the Olympics.

I mean, how can you not love the Olympics? It’s sporty and patriotic and competitive, all wrapped up in two weeks of non-stop awesomeness. The Olympics are something the entire world can take pride in – the World Cup is awesome, but let’s be real. It’s only a) one sport, and b) the same teams (hello, Europe) usually win.

But in the Olympics? There are always those surprises.

Because we’re among friends here, I’ll confess: the sound of that trumpet fanfare makes me tear up. Call me a sap, but whatever. I get SO EXCITED when the Games are on.

So excited I cancelled dinner plans with M on Friday night so I could go home, order pizza, and watch the Opening Ceremonies on my couch.  Perfect Friday night, in my opinion!

Like most young athletes, I dreamed of competing in the Olympics. I was a competitive softball player until I was eighteen, but those dreams didn’t pan out. Also, I’m still quite peeved the IOC cut softball from the 2012 London Games – too American dominated? It’s not our fault we’re better than the rest of the world!

It’s funny that two of my favorite Olympic sports are those that I could never accomplish in my wildest dreams – figure skating and gymnastics. I hate ice skating – and so do my knees – and the last time I was the proper size for an Olympic gymnast was when I was about nine years old. But I lovelovelove watching them on TV.

I remember staying up past my bedtime (because I’m a senior citizen when it comes to sleep) to watch Evan Lysacek win the gold medal at the 2010 Games in Vancouver. And of course, I don’t think anyone could forget that moment in Atlanta (1996, y’all) when Kerri Strug nailed her vault on one foot to clinch the gold for Team USA.

What other defining moments do you remember from past Games?

And, more importantly…

Do y’all love the Olympics as much as I do? 🙂


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