Single in the City: Meet-cute edition

This morning, I met a cute guy on the bus. This is a rarity, y’all. Even on the 37 Express bus, I never meet cute men. Of course, this being DC, you don’t really “meet” anyone on public transit – everyone’s too plugged in to their iPod, Kindle, or BlackBerry to make eye contact with their fellow passengers. Anyway, I digress.

I stepped on his toe. He said, “That’s alright,” when I apologized profusely. We had a lovely chat until he got off the bus about five minutes later.

At least, that’s what happened in my head.

Sadly, my life is not a romantic comedy.

I really did step on his toe, and I really did apologize. But that entire lovely conversation definitely took place in my head.

(As an aside: if you’re not watching The Mindy Project, what is wrong with you??? I’m in love.)

“Your life is not a romantic comedy. Right now, it seems more like a sad documentary about a criminally insane spinster.” ~ The Mindy Project

Dating is hard, people. It takes serious effort to not be a hermit. After a long day at work, I usually just want to go home, put on yoga pants, and sit on the couch and mainline six episodes of Game of Thrones in a row. Sadly, this does not lend itself to meeting other humans.

I read an article on Thought Catalog, and it seemed to pretty perfectly summarize this morning’s episode: Dear Beautiful Guys I Pass On the Street: I Love You.

It’s just this strange thing I do where I allow myself to briefly fall in love with another human being that I see on a train, or the sidewalk, or in a warm café. It has nothing to do with you as a person (and while I’m sure you’re nice, you could very well be an asshole), it’s just something my mind likes to do when I’m going through a regular, boring day. We often forget that every single person we pass is a complete human being, and not just set pieces to our personal story. That is, of course, until we pass an absolutely gorgeous person — and then it is all we can do not to imagine every single thing about them and consider them deeply as their life briefly interacts with ours. It’s kind of fun to let your mind wander, and take in how small you are when compared to the tapestry of lives and people that exists all around you. Thank you for making me existential, hot guy.


Sound off, ladies. Do romantic comedies give us unrealistic expectations about romance? (Short answer: YES). And does anyone else see their life happening as a movie?

And finally to the attractive guy whose toe I stepped on this morning: if you ever read this, email me. 🙂


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