The Beauty Box: Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap

So, that was only… seven months between blog posts. Go me!

I’m breaking my silence to post about a fun swap I took part in a few months ago! I’d seen links about the Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap through some fellow aggie ladies before, but I’d never joined in the fun. When I saw she was hosting another one around Easter, I had to sign up (especially since I cancelled my Birchbox)!

I was lucky enough to be paired with the sweet Hallie, who I really enjoyed getting to know through e-mails! She sent me some really great goodies. 😀

My beauty box goodies!

My beauty box goodies!

Hallie sent me an awesome collection of fun products to try:

♥ B&BW Sensual Amber body spray and lotion
♥ Smashbox’s bestseller kit — with primer, mascara, and eyeliner
♥ Revlon lip crayon in red (I’d been wanting to try a red lip!)
♥ NAIL POLISH! A pretty pink Essie shade, plus Seche Vite’s rapid-dry top coat
♥ Some pretty extras: a coin purse, earrings, and fragrance samples
♥ Reese’s PB cubs (not pictured) and a pretty SPRING sign. 😀

It was so much fun participating in the swap and getting to know Hallie! I’ve enjoyed playing with my new goodies, and I can’t wait until the next swap!

(P.S. New post coming soon, documenting what I’ve been up to the past seven months… including my beautiful best friend’s wedding!)

The Beauty Box: Julep Maven

Confession: I love nail polish.

I know! It’s shocking. This is a totally recent development – when I was in college, I hated having to paint my fingernails for recruitment (pedicures are a different story). I couldn’t wait until it was all over and I could take it off.

A year or two ago, I suddenly developed an obsession. And as far as obsessions go, I don’t think mine’s too bad. Nail polish is relatively inexpensive, and I always buy it on sale. It’s small, easy to store, and comes in every color of the rainbow. So while Mom might say that I need another bottle of nail polish as much as I need a hole in my head, I’m just going to curate my little collection.

Who all uses Google Reader? Some of you might be reading this from your Google Reader – how very meta! Anyway, I was going through my blog roll one morning, and I noticed an ad that had been repeating for a few months – nail polish for a penny.

*eyebrow quirk* Color me intrigued.

The Julep Maven program runs a lot like one of my other new obsessions, Birchbox. Every month, members are sent a box with 4-5 products for a reduced price. You take a style quiz, sign up, and you’re in the program (it’s nice that, unlike Birchbox, there’s no wait list).

And if you use the promo code PENNY, your first box ships for literally a penny. It’s true – there was a charge for one cent on my bank account (looks really weird, by the way).
My first box showed up this week, and I’m pretty pleased!

Just waiting to be opened


New goodies!

My style profile was “Boho Chic.” I like the two colors I received; I don’t have many pastels in my collection!

So, let’s compare the pros and cons of the program:

Con: It’s more expensive than Birchbox. $19/month as compared to $10/month.

Pro: You have the option to opt out of a month if you don’t like the colors or don’t have the funds. OR, you can choose to send your box to a friend as a gift!

Pro: Julep will show you all the different boxes being sent out each month. If you don’t like the box assigned to your ‘style,’ you can choose to receive a different box!

I also really like that they bill you at the very end of the month. By that time, I’m at the point where I know how much money I have to float me to pay day. I’m not filled with the false optimism that the first of the month brings, with a newly deposited paycheck in there prior to paying rent, bills, and gym membership.

AND. I’ve already had good experience with their customer service! My bestie signed up using my referral link, but I wasn’t credited with the referral. I emailed Julep, and I heard back from a very nice woman within 48 hours that while something had malfunctioned in their system, they were happy to credit me with the referral. 🙂

So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, take a peek and sign up! (Full disclosure: if you sign up using my link, I get a referral credit. For every two referral credits, I get one month free). I’ll be reviewing my boxes here every month, so let me know what you think!